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Our lawfirm has been heading for many years the legal services of several commercial companies and large mass media groups in Greece, including informational websites, undertaking the provision of legal services in all areas of law, ranging from the field of Broadcasting Legislation and Intellectual Property to the Protection of Personality Law, Company-Commercial Law, Labor Law (Individual and Collective) and Competition Law.

Our services include
  • Establishment and licensing of television and radio stations irrespective of whether they are nation-wide and irrespective of their content, including subscription stations.
  • Licensing process in the context public tenders, organization-submission of proceedings, representation before Authorities, Administrative and Judicial, regarding the licensing of television and radio stations.
  • Representation before the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) and the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT).
  • Digital environment, digital provider.
  • Submission of documents and notifications to the Competent Authority (National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV))
  • Compliance with broadcasting legislation. Including, but not limited to: TV advertising, labeling, networking, journalistic broadcasts code of conduct.
  • Preventive broadcast content audit for the purpose of compliance with broadcasting legislation.
  • Sponsorship, product placement and telemarketing issues.
  • Commercial and employment contracts.
  • Corporate structure of mass media.
  • Contracts with audiovisual production / distribution companies.
  • Protection of the intellectual property of television stations.
  • Web tv.
  • Personality rights and defamation.
  • Establishment and legal support of newspapers and magazines.
  • Legal support of press agencies.
  • Contracts for the production of audiovisual works.
  • Contracts with production companies.
  • Satellite TV and retransmission abroad.
  • Personal data protection and representation before the Data Protection Authority.
Indicative list of cases clients
  • We have been legal representatives of a Greek TV station for over a decade, in all areas of law
  • We have undertaken and handled with all the legal services of setting up a new TV station
  • We provide legal services (legal representation) to Greece's largest nation-wide television station, in connection with intellectual property and defamation cases
  • We represent in Court and out of Court the terrestrial digital broadcasting network provider in relation to issues related to the provision of digital content broadcasting services
  • We have provided legal services of due diligence in relation to the acquisition of shares in a press distribution company upon the entry of a new shareholder, of drafting of a share purchase agreement with contractual clauses in compliance with the applicable legal framework, of compliance with contractual clauses, etc.
  • We provide legal services of all types to a nation-wide Greek newspaper
  • We provide legal services in defamation cases to a well-known "free press" newspaper

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