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Our Services


Labor and

Employment Law


We represent corporate and individual clients as well as trade unions in the field of labor and employment law at advisory and litigation level.

Our services include
  • Drafting employment contracts, works contracts, contract for services and all types of contracts in the area of labour and employment law.
  • Individual and collective bargaining.
  • Representation in the context of judicial proceedings in the entire range of Labor Law cases and representation before bodies and authorities such as Organization for Mediation & Arbitration (OMED), Labor Inspectorate.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Recruitments and termination of employment contracts.
  • Strategic planning and implementation of employment relationships’ contractual policy.
  • Working Regulations.
  • Wedge protection and accruals' claims.
  • Daily counseling and support for Corporate Human Resource Management Departments.
  • Protection from discrimination in the workplace.
  • Participation in trade unions.
  • Strike activity.
  • Executives’ and members of board of directors’ contracts.
  • Transfer of Companies.
  • Work Education Programs.
  • Non-competition and non-employment clauses.
  • Allowances, surcharges, bonuses, and benefits stemming from an employment contract.
  • Restructuring of organizational structure and of occupational specialties and objects.
  • Intellectual property rights of employees/ employees with an employment contract or with a works contract / independent services contract.
  • Dealing with all contractual issues related to inventions made in the context of an employment or service relationship.
  • Collective redundancies and early redundancies programmes.
  • Employment contracts’ and working relationships’ Audits.
  • Corporate policies and codes of good practices.
  • Confidentiality contracts.
  • Invalid, vindictive and unfair dismissal.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Maternity and pregnancy protection.
  • Status and safety / protection measures for disabled employees.
  • Working hours and Overtime Work
  • Criminal offences in the context of the employment relationship.
  • Defamation and Protection of Personality in the context of the employment relationship.
  • Workplace accident