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Our Company provides specialized legal services, advisory and negotiatory (Protection-Consultancy) as well as court representation (Enforcement-Litigation) in the context of all areas of Intellectual Property Law and in particular the following:

  • Intellectual (Copyright) and Industrial Property
  • Patents - Know How
  • Trademarks - Domain Names
  • Designs - Models

Based on our specialized and long-standing experience and knowledge, we provide our clients with legal services and advice regarding all - subject to the above-mentioned areas of Intellectual Property Law - modern Market Sectors, as indicatively specified below.

Entertainment Industry Sector


Our company provides all types of legal services, including negotiations, drafting contracts, representation in legal disputes, both to natural persons righthholders of copyright and / or related rights and to legal entities (such as production companies, distribution companies, TV stations, etc), regarding all market sectors in Greece and abroad.

Our services include
  • Publishing Sector (printed and electronic publications)
  • Music industry-Discography (Record Companies, Producers, Artists-Performers, Composers-Lyricists etc.)
  • TV and Radio Stations / Organizations, Advertising Companies
  • Audiovisual Productions sector (Cinematographic films, TV series and programs, etc. - Representation and legal support from the start of production to the distribution and exploitation stage)
  • Theatrical Productions (representation of theatrical producers, rightholders of copyright and related rights such as writers, directors, actors, costume designers, stage designers, etc.)
  • Artworks
  • Luxury goods-Jewelery-clothing (representation of Greek and foreign rightholders jewelry houses, actions against offenders trading in counterfeit products, etc.)
  • Negotiations with Collective Management Organizations
  • Protection of Cultural Heritage - Legal Support of Museums, Public and Private, protection and exploitation of collections and archives, etc.
Indicative list of cases clients
  • We have been for more than ten years, leading legal advisers of the largest theater production company in Greece
  • We are legal advisers to a large Greek theater company
  • We have been, for more than ten years, head legal advisors of the largest recording companies
  • We are legal advisers to the largest companies of film and television productions (both modern Greek cinema and almost all the companies producing and exploiting the films of the golden age of the old Greek cinema).
  • We provide legal services to foreign companies of cinematographic and audiovisual, in general, productions
  • We provide legal services to many of the largest and most historic companies in the publishing sector in Greece.
  • We are legal advisers to one of the most active agents of theatrical writers' rights in Greece, cooperating on an exclusive basis with Greek theatrical producers, as well as with big foreign theatrical agencies.
  • For 26 years we provide high-quality services to many of the most important artists in all areas of art: actors, singers, musicians, artists, writers, directors, stage designers and others.
  • We provide legal services to one of the world's largest “Luxury Goods” House, having succeeded in issuing important court rulings in Greece, which have been used by this firm internationally.
  • Our Company is legal advisor to the well-known Foundation of an internationally acclaimed sculptor, who is one of the most prominent artists of all times worldwide.
  • Our Company provides legal services to a Collective Management Organization, members of which are television broadcasters in their capacity as producers of audiovisual works.
  • We provide legal services in Intellectual Property law cases and we have undertaken the legal representation of all the aforementioned cases of Greece's largest nation-wide television station.
  • We provide consulting services regarding intellectual property and information technology current issues to Greek and major foreign companies offering streaming services in Greece.

Technology - IP Business Structure (startups-joint ventures)


Our company has been providing specialized legal services for several consecutive years to large Technology and Software and companies, while providing full legal services and support to emerging technology startups.

Our services include
  • Designing and running programs to prevent and combat offer for sale, distribution, use and generally exploitation of non- licensed software such as campaign for the proper licensing of software products, mystery shopper and market research program etc.
  • Strategic planning and legal support in cases of software infringement in the digital environment (exhaustion of rights, digital user behavior analysis, web piracy etc).
  • Intellectual Property Audits both on behalf of prospective investors and on behalf of companies in search for investments.
  • IPR Business Portfolio Structuring
  • Advisory, Audit and Training Support to Public Bodies (Universities, Research Centers, Ministries and Secretariats Associated with Culture and Technology) and Private Organizations and Associations (eg Professional Associations) regarding policy-making and awareness-raising in the field of Intellectual Property
  • Legal Support for industrial and craft businesses engaging in all kinds of R&D (Research and Development). Support of innovative businesses in the biotechnology, food, pharmaceutical, agronomic, medical sector, etc.
  • Drafting Intellectual Property Clauses in Investment Agreements, Term Sheets, etc., as well as in Disclaimers, Terms of Use and other related, electronic or non-electronic documents insofar as they relate to Intellectual Property issues.
  • Internal Customer Intellectual Property Portfolio Audit, addressing and eliminating gaps and errors, restoring smooth chain of succession of rights and clearance of relevant rights (IP Rights Clearance)
  • Establishment and setting up of companies with a core business related to the acquisition, management or development of Intellectual Property Rights and preparation of key corporate documents (company statute, shareholders’ agreements, transfers of intellectual property rights in the form of non-capital contributions, etc.)
  • Establishment and legal support of University and Research Bodies spin-offs and management and clearance of intellectual property portfolio of emerging companies, inter alia, through partnerships or financing by public bodies.
  • Legal management of "open source" software issues, etc.
Indicative list of cases clients
  • Since 2000 we are legal advisors in Greece of the biggest international IT organization representing the commercial software industry worldwide. Among others, we have successfully represented this organization and its members before courts of all degrees in cases of non-licensed software use, achieving the issuance of decisions constituting an important legal precedent for the rightholders of intellectual property rights in software. We have represented this organization in a number of out-of-court negotiations with users of non-licensed software, while we also intervene before administrative and other competent authorities to optimize and implement the existing legal framework regarding the protection of intellectual property rights in software. Moreover, we have undertaken the strategic planning and implementation of a proper software assets management program for corporate users.
  • Having the appropriate technical background, we provide legal services to the world's biggest software company by taking a wide range of actions such as court and out-of-court representation of the company in cases of offer for sale, distribution and generally exploitation of non-licensed software, cooperation with the special cybercrime unit of this company and analysis of users' digital behavior, design and execution of mystery shopper programs, implementation of a campaign addressed to the distribution channel of software products and management of software legal issues in the digital environment (e.g. cloud computing, on line piracy, cybersecurity etc.)
  • We are legal consultants on Intellectual Property issues for one of the largest investment funds in Greece, of a well-known Greek bank
  • In 2017, we undertook the legal management and overall legal support of a leading Greek technology company, in view of its acquisition by a large multinational Group. This acquisition was one of the largest acquisitions of a Greek technology company from a multinational group ever.
  • We have supported, and we support several successful start-up companies with national and international presence and activity
  • We are legal advisers to a leading nanotechnology company in Greece, which offers products and engages in high-innovation research.

Trade Marks – Domain Names- Know How


Our company provides consultancy services, extensive research services and trademark registration services at national and international level, as well as legal representation services before any competent court and / or authority.

Our services include
  • Availability research at national, European and international level
  • Collaboration with foreign law firms (Network of Associated Lawyers) regarding research and / or trademark registration in other countries
  • Registration, on an international and national level, of trademarks and domain names.
  • Representation and correspondence with competent administrative authorities, both in Greece and abroad (via the Network of Associated Lawyers, where necessary)
  • Representation throughout the registration process of a trade mark, from the filing and examination to the registration in the relevant register, for example answering any request for clarifications from the examiner who is responsible for the trade mark, replying to any objections from the examiner (in respect of the national register of Greece), objections, application for cancellation (due to nullity or revocation of rights), appeals, precautionary measures, lawsuits, etc.
  • Management of trademark portfolio of companies
Indicative list of cases clients
  • We are legal representatives in Greece of a major international Luxury Goods House in the context of proceedings regarding the infringement of this House’s trademarks
  • We are legal representatives in Greece of a major international software company in the context of proceedings regarding the infringement of this company’s trademarks
  • We are legal advisers in Greece of a large electronics company based in Turkey (representation in trademark cases)

Patents - Designs - Models


Our law firm provides registration services regarding patents, designs, utility models, and other intellectual property rights owned by our clients at a national and international level, as well as legal representation services before any competent court and / or authority in case of infringement of intellectual property rights.

Our services include
  • Registration at international and national level of intellectual and industrial property rights of any kind such as: Patents, industrial designs, utility models, semiconductor products, domain names
  • Collaboration with foreign law firms (Network of Associated Lawyers) as concerns technical examinations regarding patentability (patentability search), examination of the state of the art, research and / or registration of industrial property rights (patents, industrial designs, etc.) in relation to patents filed abroad.
  • Representation before and correspondence with competent administrative authorities in Greece and abroad, representation in cases of objections or other procedures related to registration of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Representation in the context of litigation in all degrees and stages, regarding industrial property rights (patents, utility models etc)
Indicative list of cases clients
  • In our capacity as legal advisors we manage a patent portfolio of a Biotechnology Company with a significant invention
  • In our capacity as legal advisors we manage a patent portfolio in Greece of doctors with important inventions of medical devices
  • We are legal advisors of a company that innovates in the field of wearable systems and technology
  • We are legal advisors of spin off companies, as well as researchers Professors with important inventions.

Competition Law - Anti-Counterfeiting


Our company specializes in competition law, and in particular in the law of unfair competition.

Our services include
  • Protection against unfair commercial practices such as: imitation of foreign products, reputation and organization, imitation of distinctive features, covert and unfair advertising
  • Legal support regarding the design, strategy and implementation of anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting and IP enforcement campaigns and in general of any action of any scale, informative, litigatory, preventive, settlement, raising public awareness - information, for the protection of our clients' rights
  • Representation in the context of litigation, etc
Indicative list of cases clients
  • Legal planning and implementation of actions (including successful court actions) to curb the marketing of counterfeit products in Greece on behalf of international firms, such as world-famous jewelry and luxury items house, etc.
  • Legal planning and implementation of actions to stop the marketing of counterfeit products in Greece, on behalf of a well-known company for children's products (children's video games characters, etc.)